Nowy Targ Road Challenge
Nowy Targ Road Challenge

Unique atmosphere

CONSECUTIVE RACE CYCLING 24th of - 26th of July 2020

Individual Classification

A neutral service car

Leader shirt after each stage

Mountain Classification

Team Classification

Beautiful views


General Rules and Regulations of Cycling Road Race



§ 1 Purpose of the event


  1. Popularization and promotion of cycling and cycling tourism in Nowy Targ and Municipality of Nowy Targ.

  2. Promotion of healthy lifestyle, active leisure, tourism and recreation.

  3. Promotion of the regional mountain trails and tourist destinations that are crossed by the racecourse (town of Nowy Targ, Municipality of Nowy Targ, Łapsze Niżne, CZarny Dunajec, Raba Wyżna)

  4. Selection of the best amateur cyclist in the final and mountain classifications.

  5. Setting up new trends in the organization of cycling competitions for amateurs.


§ 2 Organizer


The organizer of Nowy Targ Road Challenge 2020 is:


34-312 Międzybrodzie Bialskie,

UL. Wiosenna 12

Tel: +48 725-232-376


 § 3 Time and Place


  1. Cycling Road Race Nowy Targ Road Challenge 2020 will be held on 24-26th July 2020

  2. The Race Office will be in the Town Hall located in the town square on 24th July 2020. On that day for the race participants 30 minutes free parking will be available, the parking is located in the south side of the square. Parking will be available between 10 AM and 2 PM.

  3. 3 STAGES are held within Nowy Targ Road Challenge 2020

24/07/2020 –Stage I - individual time trial - 11,6 km Frydman-Niedzica,

25/07/2020 – Stage II - Road Race - Men 111,8 km, Women 73,4 km - Start Lines in Białka Tatrzańska Terma Bania, Finish Lines Czarna Góra- Litwinka

26/07/2020 – Stage III - Road Race - Men – 98,2 km Women – 80,9 km - Start Lines in Nowy Targ Prkowa street, Finish Lines in Nowy Targ Grel Street

§ 4 Program of Nowy Targ Road Challenge 2020


The starting order for Stage I - individual time trial will be published on the Organizer's website o 22 July 2020 and will include all the participants who transferred the participation fee until 21 July 2020.

Those who register after this date and in the race office will be added to the starting list in the order of collecting their starting numbers on 24 July 2020.

FRIDAY 24 July 2020

10:00 –


distribution of start numbers verification of applications and providing full starting order for Stage I


Race Office (Nowy Targ, Town Square, Town Hall)


start of the first participant from Stage I, following participants will start at intervals of 45-60 seconds


Frydman Bike


Medal decoration ceremony for the winners of Stage I

Nowy Targ, Town Square, Town Hall

SATURDAY 25 July 2020


Start for Stage II

Białka Tatrzańska Terma Bania



expected arrival of the winners ending Stage II

Czarna Góra - Litwinka

14:30 - 15:30

Medal decoration ceremony for the winners of Stage II

Białka Tatrzasńska- Resort Bania

SUNDAY 26 July 2020


Start for Stage III

Nowy Targ, Parkowa Street


expected arrival of the winners ending Stage III

Nowy Targ, Grel Street


Medal decoration ceremony, end of the race

Nowy Targ, Parkowa Street

After each Stage the following will be awarded:

  • Open class M/K: After Stage I, II and III the leader of the race will be decorated with LEADER shirt

  • Places 1-3 at given stage: Women Open and Men Open and in age categories, and the best teams.


§ 5 Registration


  1. Participation forms are accepted via website after filling in the form provided by the Timedo Service.

  2. Registration in person is possible at the Race Office on 24.07.2020 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

  3. The number of participants is limited to 250 cyclists.

  4. Online Registration is open from November 10TH, 2019 from 12:00 AM (until the limit is reached). To confirm the participation, the cyclist needs to pay the fee in accordance with the payment terms. The organizer considers fee posting date to the organizer's account, not the date of filing the application.

  5. NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE 2020 participation fees:

- 280 PLN bank transfer until 31.12.2019

- 330 PLN bank transfer until 31.05.2020 

- 380 PLN bank transfer until 30.06.2020 

- 430 PLN bank transfer until 21.07.2020

- 500 PLN – cash at the Race Office on 24 July 2020.


Commemorative T-shirt is available for participants who make the registration and payment by 30.06.2020

  1. With payment via bank transfer (all necessary details for payments will be provided in the application generated via Timedo System) the Organizer considers fee posting date to the organizer's account, not the date of filing the application. The organizer is not responsible for payment terms of bank transfers and postal services.

  2. All registration fees are gross and include VAT.

  3. Cancellation with refunding is not possible. However, it is possible to transfer the registration fee from one participant to another. This can be done with a notification sent to the following email address:, no later than 30.06.2020 (inclusive)


§ 6 Admission criteria


  1. To participate in Nowy Targ Road Challenge 2020 Participant must be at least 18 years old

  2. The races are intended for amateur cyclist, those with Masters and Cyklosport licenses are also allowed in the Race

  3. Those in possession of valid ELITA and U-23 (Orlik) licenses are not admitted to participate in the race.

  4. MPM Maria Kokoczka i Mirosław Prucnal Spółka Jawna based in Jasło, ul. Żeromskiego 36 are the administrators of personal data processed in connection with the organization of NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE within the meaning of the Act from August 29th, 1997 on personal data protection (Dz. U. of 2002. No. 101, item. 926 jt as amended.) Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary to participate in the NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE as per the provisions of the General Rules and Regulations. Those who have provided personal information have the right to access their data and correct it or withdraw the consent to its processing at any time. The Organizer may process personal data in connection with the organization of NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE in cooperation with other entities, to the extent necessary for the proper organization of NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE.

  5. The registration and participation in the race equals automatic consent to the free-of-charge use of images registered in the photographs or video recordings. Participants grant the Administrator of personal data and the Organizer a non-exclusive, territorially unrestricted and 5 (five) year license to use the image registered in the following fields of use:

    1. Strengthening and multiplication with any known technique, and distribution in any form,

    2. Sharing with sponsors and official partners a copy or copies, on which the image was fixed, to promote the sponsor or the official partner for its sponsorship of the NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE

    3. Storage on computer memory and multimedia networks

    4. Duplication of the registered image.

    5. Public exposure, display, reproduction and broadcasting and re-broadcasting, as well as the public display in such a way that everyone can have access to it at a place and time individually chosen by them

    6. Posting and publishing in newspapers, on websites, posters and billboards,

    7. TV and radio broadcasting

    8. Publishing participants’ photos in social media with the possibility of marking the participants by name.

  1. The Organizer has the right to grant NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE Partners and Sponsors sub-license to use the image taken, referred to above, to the extent not wider than the range of granted licenses.

  2. Every participant is obliged to wear a hard helmet on a road bike equipped with two working brakes. Bicycles with wheels of any size and with tires of any width might be used, bicycles cannot be fitted with any electrical/ exhaust power. They can only run on the force of the muscles of the legs and cannot be equipped with an adapter on the steering wheel (in polish so called lemondka). The use the disc wheels at the front and/or at the back is not allowed.

  3. Each participant is obliged to make the start numbers visible throughout the whole race. The mandatory set of numbers includes – one (1) number on the rider’s back and one (1) number attached to the seatpost saddle. The numbers are valid throughout the race. In the event of damage or loss of the number there is a possibility of issuing a duplicate number (30 PLN charge) for one number (on the back or under the saddle). The need for a duplicate needs to be reported for the timing at the finish line or the start of the Stage, no later than 60 minutes before the start.

  4. At the start from Stage II or Stage III there will be two sectors introduced, in sector I all women and first 50 men from general classification OPEN after the proceeding stages are entitled to participate. One hour before the start at the start line there will be distributed a starting list which needs to be personally signed by each participant. In the absence of a signature on the list at each stage the player is withdrawn from the competition.


§ 7 Services for participants


  1. The following services are covered by the entry fee:

  1. Start numbers and safety pins for the back and seatpost saddle, each with a time measurement chip.

  2. Refreshment on the race course. Two (3) refreshments for Stage II and fours (2) refreshments for Stage III.

  3. Water bottles with ISOTONICS for all participants to be picked up at the buffet on the racecourse for Stage II and Stage III

  4. Regenerative meal at the finish line (buffet with fruit, drinks and pies after the finish line of each Stage and hot meal after II and III Stage based on the received coupons.

  5. Electronic time measurement

  6. Medical and rescue support services

  7. Neutral support services car
  8. Contest with prizes for all participants at the end of the Medal Decoration. To participate in the competition cyclists, need to transfer start number from the back to the urn placed at the finish line in Nowy Targ

  9. The ability to check the equipment before the start at the technical emergency service located at the start line – this concerns Stage II and Stage III

  10. Judges support

  11. The prizes and trophies for the winners

  12. The possibility of competition in the cycling race NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE

  13. Commemorative medal OF NOWY TARG ROAD CHALLENGE for those who complete the race

  14. T-Shirt for all participants who register before 30.06.2020.

§ 8 Traffic


During the Stage I traffic will be closed between 1:30 and 6:30 PM at the section from the first hairpin in Frydman Bike  - Niedzica Zamek

Stage II and Stage III will be held in open traffic. The leading group will be piloted by the police and Organizer’s technical car, subsequent 3 groups when the peloton split will be piloted by the Organizer’s car.

Protection limit is 30 minutes from the passage of the first player, until then Police and organizer’s volunteers will help to join the traffic. After this time, which will be signaled by Organizer’s car the participants participate in fully open traffic and in accordance with principles of the Road Traffic in Poland.

Organizer services will be supervising roads, intersections and entrances of the roads subordinated to the race course. Public will be informed about the increased traffic of cyclists and a sports event taking place nearby. The leading group will be piloted by the Organizer technical car.

Additionally, along the course race there will be Organizer’s cars driving in order to monitor the situation during the race and to secure the passage of larger groups. In addition, all the way throughout the race Organizer services in cars and on motorcycles will monitor the course of the race.

The last participant will be followed by the car marked as The end of the Race.

Altogether there will be 6 Organizer’s cars and at least one police car monitoring the course of the race.

1. Absolutely all the players apply the principles of the Code of the Road and right-hand traffic (ban on entry to the left side of the road), especially when overtaking / duplication slower competitor is obliged to return to the right path giving way to gauge a player faster.

2. The Organizer shall not be liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the course the fault of the participants. In particular, in connection with the course of the route in the mountainous terrain are requested to adjust the speed of the descent to their skills, while cornering hold the right edge of the roadway and do not shear them.

3. Participants of the race must exercise extreme caution during the meetings, and also have in mind the possibility to take the vehicle from the side of roads, water, fields, forest areas or individual buildings.

4. For safety reasons, for the second introduces a limit of 90 minutes behind the first competitorand and third stage introduces a limit of 60 minutes behind the first competitor. After this time the competitor will be unclassified. Once this limit is reached the second stage, the player has the right to start the third stage, however, is not subject to classification and moves in the race with no number on the back. Mandatory should have a number on the seatpost saddle.


§ 9 Nowy Targ Road Challenge Rules


    1. During Stage I individual time trial apply.

In the case of a bike defect after the start which prevents the participants from continuing the race after the notification of this fact to the Organizer there is the possibility of a second start as the last player unless the start has not been terminated and no later than 6:00 PM.

If there is no possibility of re-starting due to organizational reasons as well, if a participant provides a good reason for not being able to start at individual time trial the participant may exceptionally be admitted to the Stage II with the time of last participant of Stage I with taking into consideration the sex of the participation. Additionally, there will be the penalty +30 seconds. The participants will be allowed to take part in further race and will be classified at stages and in general classification.

    1. Nowy Targ Road Challenge for II and III Stages will commence with mass start.
      At the Stage IIi after the Honor start in Dursztyn there will be sharp start in Krempachy after the turn left after the finishing of the downhill ride (during the passage of the group it is prohibited to overtake the judge’s car, to cross the axis of the road and commands participants to move to the right lane under penalty of disqualification).

    2. The time is measured from the honour start. During the stage II and III, time measurement starts at the same time for all the participants, no matter when the start line will be crossed. However, at the finish line each cyclist’s time will be measured individually. Team time does not apply.
      The organizer may change the rules of organising the start. The participants will be informed about any changes at the Race Office on 24
      TH July 2020.

    3. The exact route of the race is available at

    4. During the race, the time is measured electronically, it is measured in the gross manner – from the moment of the gunshot. Each participant is obliged to have two numbers: the number on the rider’s back must be attached on the left side. The other number must be attached to the seatpost saddle.

    5. The route of the race will be marked in two ways: there will be special signs next to the road and the signs painted on the road.

    6. There will be several refreshment points on the race course. One refreshment point will be available at each stage. The refreshment point will be passed 3 during the stage III and 3 times during stage III. Each participant will be able to get a water bottle with ISOTONICS which will be provided by the organiser. It is advisable for any participant wishing to exchange the water bottle to lift right hand up before the refreshment point. Or if it is not possible to exchange the water bottle while cycling, the participant of the race should stop and exchange it. For environmental protection, each participant of the race may throw out the empty water bottle as well as empty packaging within 200 m from the refreshment point.

    7. During the race, the participants will be accompanied by the vehicles with the organisers, the service and the judges. They will be monitoring whether the participants of the race obey the principles of the Road Traffic and whether the cyclist act according to the fair play rules. Those contestants who will disobey the rules of the Road Traffic, or will not follow the given route will be disqualified and will be removed from the route.

    8. Every person who will not be a participant of the race and will be riding next to the cyclists, will be removed from the road by the organizer’s service and the police.

    9. Each participant of the race is supposed to obey all the rules imposed by the judge of the race as well as the organisers service

    10. At the time of finish each cyclist is supposed to follow his/ her own track

§ 10 Assistance on the racecourse


  1. Admission fee for vehicle which would like to drive and provide assistance to participants on the racecourse is PLN 100 for stages II and III together.- payable in the Race Office. To obtain the possibility of driving a car behind the race it is necessary to provide the car registration number and the name of the driver.

  2. Vehicles approved by the Organizer are required to use specially designed stickers delivered by the Organizer. In case of a group of several cars, cars which limit the visibility are requested to drive at the end of the column (e.g. SUVs, buses)

  3. It is possible to carry out repair or replacement of damaged equipment within technical assistance.

  4. To obtain technical assistance participants have to stop on the right side of the road.

  5. Drinks / snacks distribution is possible by the persons authorized by the Organizer and only possible when the participant of the race rides alone or when he/she is at the end of the group without obstructing the course for other participants.

  6. Help for participants provided in a manner inconsistent with the principles of safety in Road Traffic is prohibited and may lead to disqualification or a penalty for the player.

  7. The Organizer shall not be liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the road with the participation of cyclist, service vehicles and any other road users.

§ 11 Categories and classifications


1. CLASSIFICATION OF OPEN men- no breakdown by age and licenses.


1. Men:

1. M2 - 18 - 29 years

2. M3 - 30 - 39 years

3. M4 - 40 - 49 years

4. M5 - 50 and more years

                 2.  Women

      1. K2 – 16 – 35 lat
      2. K3 – 36 i więcej lat



1. The general classification counts the sum of the times at various stages, the winner is the player who completes all 3 phases with the smallest sum of the taking into account a discount for taking the first 3 places in the final mountains classification. In the case of equal time (including bonuses) of two or more players determines the winner taking a higher place at the finish of the last stage. At the start of the second and third phase, all players have the same starting time while at the finish line second and third stage of the valid individual timing of each player after passing the finish line.

      Shall not apply until the group !!!

2. A discount for the final classification of the mountain will be calculated by the key:

1st place - 20 seconds

2nd place - 10 seconds

3rd place - 5 seconds.

A player who timed out or not completed, stage II or III will not be classified.


  Additionally, II and III stage competitors will gain at Mountain Primes points for the best for the Highlander, the winner will be the rider who accumulates the most points at the Mountain Primes designated route by the key:

Bonus Mountain Category I:

1. 1st place - 10 points.

2. 2nd place - 6 points.

3. 3rd place - 4 points.

4. 4th place - 2 points.

5. 5th place - 1 point.

Bonus Mountain II category:

1. 1st place - 5 points.

2. 2nd place - 3 points.

3. 3rd place - 1 point.

a. With an equal number of points decided by the higher position in the overall standings. Bonuses included the classification will be marked on the map of the race as a GP I and GP II.

b. If the player scores points on Bonus Mountain, but does not finish the competition on the second and third stage will not be included in the final classification. At the same time points scored by the player on each PG is not transferred to the next player on the PG.

c. The places 1-3 in the final mountain classification riders, participants will be given time bonuses to the general individual classification as outlined in item 3.2 & 11.


1. Team classification will be done by Just for Men. Classification OPEN. After the first and second stage will be calculated team classification for the stage, and after the third stage of the final classification.

The winners of the individual stages will be the team whose players overcome stage in the shortest total time. For the team classification at the stage of counting the times of the first three players from the team at this stage.

The final classifications Team shall be determined on the basis of the final individual classification and include the times of the three highest placed riders in the general classification OPEN.

The condition for participation in the team classification is reporting at least 3 players with the same name team.

 If the team completes any stage in the composition of less than 3 person ceases to count in the team classification of the race.

§ 11 Prizes


  1. In GENERAL CLASSIFICATION OPEN MEN first 6 participants will receive cash prizes

    1. 1st place – PLN 700 + Glass Figure

    2. 2nd place - PLN 500 + Cup

    3. 3rd place – PLN 300 + Cup

    4. 4th place - PLN 250
    5. 5th place - PLN 200
    6. 6th place - PLN 100

  1. After Stage I the winner of the individual time trial in the open classification will be honored with a LEADER shirt, in which he/she is required to start the next stage. After the next Stages the shirt will be transferred to the participant with shortest total time.

  2. In GENERAL CLASSIFICATION after 3 Stages first 6 women OPEN will receive cash prizes:

  1. 1st place -PLN 700 + Glass Figure

  2. 2nd place - PLN 500 + Cup

  3. 3rd place – PLN 300 + Cup

  4. 4th place- PLN 250

  5. 5th place – PLN 200

  6. 6th place- PLN 100
  1. 4. In GENERAL CLASSIFICATION after 3 Stages first 3 men OPEN will receive cash prizes:

  1. 1st place - PLN 300 + Cup

  2. 2nd place – PLN 200 + Cup

  3. 3rd place- PLN 150 + Cup

  1. At the end of the race after 3 stages there will be decoration ceremony held during which best 3 teams will be handed in prizes + Cups

  2. At each stage of the first 3 first female participants OPEN and 3 first male participants will receive commemorative diplomas and the winners of the category will receive commemorative cups. Participants at each stage will receive prizes.

  3. At each stage of the first 3 male participants Open will receive commemorative cups

  4. In addition, at Stages II and III participants will earn points for Mountain Bonuses of the classification for the best HIGHLANDER. The winner of this category is the participant who accumulates the highest number of points at the Mountain Bonuses marked on the courseroute according to the following scheme:

Mountain Bonus Stage I:

1. 1st place - 10 points.

2. 2nd place - 6 points.

3. 3rd place - 4 points.

4. 4th place - 2 points.

5. 5th place - 1 point.

Mountain Bonus Stage II:

1. 1st place - 5 points.

2. 2nd place - 3 points.

3. 3rd place - 1 point.

When two (2) participants score equal number of points, higher position in General Classification determines the winner. Cash prizes are prepared for The winners of the mountains classification at all stages.

  1. 1st place -PLN 400 + Glass Figure

  2. 2nd place - PLN 250

  3. 3rd place – PLN 150

IMPORTANT: In the Mountain classification, all participants will be classified – according to OPEN Classification, the condition for receiving the award is to complete all the stages within the time limit.

In case of failure to collect the prize during the decorating ceremony, it will go on the property of the organizer or will be transferred to the Founder.

§ 12 Penalties

  1. The main judge of the race in consultation with the Organizer may apply the following penalties:

  1. Participant reprimand

  2. Extra penalty time

  3. Participant disqualification

  1. Race participant may be penalized by the Organizer especially for:

  1. Violation of traffic rules,

  2. Lack of hard helmets,

  3. Excessive litter (except for the special zone which is covers the area of 200 m after the Standing Buffets)

  4. Disregard for the environment,

  5. Deficiencies in equipment which affect safe ride

  6. Failure to comply with the principles of fair play

  7. Unsportsmanlike behavior

  8. Pushing or pulling of another rider by third parties

  1. In the event of disqualification, the organizer does not return the entry fee.


§ 13 Additional Information


  1. Participants insure themselves on their own. It is advisable that participants possess personal accidents insurance within OC and NW.

  2. As Stage II requires crossing the border with Slovak Republic participants must possess ID and confirmation of having insurance.

  3. The organizer and all persons cooperating with him, as well as those associated with conducting and organization of the race shall not be liable for participants personal injury, property and belongings loss / damages which occur before, during or after the race. Participants compete at their own risk. Participants bear civil liability and legal responsibility for all damages. By signing this declaration, participants waive their right to seek legal measures or reimbursement from the organizer or its contractors in the event of an accident or damage associated with the event. I acknowledge that in the event of an accident no claims against the Organizer can be made.

  4. The Organizer reserves the right to interpret the provisions of the organizational regulations of the following General Rules and Regulations, interpretation of the rules of sports regulations belongs to The Chief Judge of the Race

  5. Each participant takes part in the competition at their own risk.

  6. Each participant taking part in the race confirms knowledge of the rules and declares that he is in good enough health to participate in Nowy Targ Road Challenge 2020.

  7. The race will take place regardless of weather conditions, except for the situation when the area of the race is declared the state of natural disaster as well as "Force majeure".

  8. Participant who withdraws from the race shall immediately inform the organizer, or the Judge who is based at the Finish line of the event.

  9. Start in the race is synonymous with knowledge and acceptance of the above regulations. Participants during the event are obliged to comply with these rules and to communicate with due respect with the Judges, Organizers, other employees and other participants of the event. Vulgar words and unsportsmanlike behavior are not accepted.

  10. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the General Rules and Regulations.